Los Cabos With Care

A safer way to get away!

Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of travelers, their loved ones and our community. The Los Cabos Tourism Board works with national and local health authorities, hospitals, care units, airport, port, hotels, resorts, and travel partners to implement health and security protocols to protect the people, share resources and maintain regular communication.

Los Cabos achieved Sharecare health security verification, becoming the world’s first VERIFIED™ travel destination. This designation signifies that the majority of the hotels and resorts in the destination continue to ensure that their health protocols are in compliance with over 360 expert-validated global standards.

Los Cabos with Care – A Safer Way to Get Away is Los Cabos’ health and safety protocol system in place for fighting against the spread of infection. The seven-step system evaluates and strictly implements health and safety protocols across the airport, transportation, accommodations, restaurants and bars, tour activities, the beach and throughout the local community. The system is implemented in partnership with Intertek Cristal, the highest standard of health and safety protocols in the industry. The collaboration supports the continual enhancement of health and safety standards in the destination using Intertek Cristal’s Protek Destination Assurance program, including POSI-Check to help in the Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI). Los Cabos is the first destination in Mexico to begin working with Intertek Cristal in implementing Protek Destination Assurance.

Los Cabos’ health and safety protocols are aligned with the protocols expected by the Mexico federal government. The destination is working toward getting businesses to obtain a "Clean Point" (Punto Limpio) certification, which is offered by the Mexico federal government for businesses strictly adhering to hygiene protocols.

Los Cabos earned The World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) stamp of approval for its newly designed "Safe Travels" badge, qualified by adopting WTTC's standardized health and hygiene protocols across the destination.

Additionally, Los Cabos has enforced a flexible travel policy across all hotel properties and streamlined the communication protocols between hotel, suppliers, and local authorities to further help keep the community and travelers safe and healthy.

A Safer Way to Get Away

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